I got your slate pot call in the mail the other day and all I can say is
MAN!! That is one sweet call! I love it. Cant wait to chase them birds in a month. Good luck this season, and thanks for this awesome call!

Aaron Cecil

I just wanted to shoot Cane Creek an email showing my gratitude for the calls that ya’ll produce. I buy 3 calls a year, and will never buy anything different than Cane Creek. All I use is diaphragms when Spring Gobbler comes in, and I tend to lose the calls or drop them in the truck somewhere, and not find them, but the Mr. Death, Boss, and Cane Cutter are my arsenal. Great job and keep the calls coming, I can’t get enough of em!

Tyler Routon

Mr. Adkins

My name is Dominic Nickels, I’m 16 years old. I’ve been huntin’ turkeys for 8 years. I’ve used your calls since I’ve been calling my self. I’ve used all your mouth calls but I’m in love with your Mr Death and Cane Cutter calls. I just wanna thank you for your amazing products.

Avid turkey hunter,
Dominic Nickels

Mr. Adkins I am writing you yo tell you that i have been using you products for about four years now. And have killed several birds using your calls. your mouth reeds are great and the slate i just ordered is fantastic.cane creek is the only call i will use, and just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic product. I tried your calls because i like supporting local businesses and have been well pleased.

Shawn Meek

Thanks Doug! I spoke with you last year and let you know how great the C.C. Smoker did here in La. It has struck again, with my son Connor tagging out on youth weekend and two other youngsters getting their first birds. My Dad and I have also been successful this year thanks to the quality call. If I knew how to attach the picture I would share them with you.

Thanks again,

Just wanted you to know that I love your calls. Used the Mister Death to bag a nice long beard in Virginia. I’ve been recommending you guys to all my buddies.

Mike Mullins Haysi, VA

Dear Doug,

I live in Illinois and yesterday was youth season. Me and my dad were hunting on lake Shelbyville. My dad was using tuff man and lost poult call and he pulled in three gobblers easily. I shot and missed the gobbler at about 38 yards. We went back to the truck and it had only been a hour since shooting time. My dad estimated the bird through binoculars that the bird weighed from 20-25 pounds and have a 10 inch beard. The two other birds were
about his size and my dad says i shot at the right one. I am thirteen and I have a sister who is youth hunting next year, so that means I have to go hunting with my uncle who only clucks and yelps. So I will soon be purchasing tuff man and lost poult along with Mr.death and some other calls. My dad killed a turkey with your calls last year. I was using a single shot 20 gauge shotgun. I wouldn’t’ve got that shot if it weren’t for your calls!!!!!

Caleb Peck

I got my box call and striker today Doug. The box called sounds terrific. The best one I’ve ever tried. Striker works great too. Of course I had to wet the slate and it worked just like you said. I’m very pleased. Thank you!

Randy Hogan

You keep making calls I’ll keep buying. I’ve never killed more turkeys with a mouth call and no one can match these sounds with this little breath. Yeah people make the same style and shape….SO? Those calls also leave me reaching for an inhaler!!!

Chris Lambeth

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