THE best and most realistic sounding calls hands down! I’ve been using them since about 2010 and just bought a new round of calls for this spring. These are the best kept secret in my turkey hunting and for good reason. Anyone that hears these calls asks where to get them! My favorites are Tuff man, Cane Cutter and Mr. Death, respectively. I’ve heard very good things about CC Smoker. I’ll be trying that one next!

a0cc512b-2dde-4c03-9fb8-8cf6c41c32fe d0a88e17-fc34-4968-b650-b3595063fbecDoug I hunt all over the south I kill birds in Texas , Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Louisiana and in every state your calls of kill birds thanks for the great job and keep them gobbling.

Eric Harris

Gerald SmithGerald Smith, with his 6×6 bull elk. Cane Creek Calls rep, Chad Campbell used our P-61 elk call along with our MR. Death mouth call to call in this elk. Congratulations Gerald nice bull.

I wanted to give you a follow-up on a story about one of your calls. As you know I’ve been using Cane Creek calls for many years. I was always most fond of your slate pot calls. I had quite a few I kept around mostly to give to friends that sometimes hunted with me. I had one slate call that had nine holes in the pot that was your design at that time. It was dated 1997 and signed by you. I had used this call countless times to call in birds and really can’t tell you how many died using this call. I live on the coast of Mississippi where we were hit directly by hurricane Katrina. I had lost everything I owned in a few hours in that storm including that Pro slate call of yours with the nine holes in it. Several months later I found this call on my property and figured it was no good anymore after going under water then being outside in the elements for so long. I had lost calls before Turkey hunting and they always lost their tone. This one not only was left out it went under water in a major hurricane. One day while I had nothing to do I cleaned that call up and found a good striker to try it out. I really could not believe it but the call actually sounded better than it did when I lost it. The only thing that changed was the striker was different. The original was lost so I used a replacement. I still carry this call almost twenty years after I originally bought it. I thought you would get a kick out of this story.

Hope everything is going well for you Michael Green.

Bill-WaltersHello Doug. attached are pictures of the two birds I harvested on public land using the Cane Cutter in combination with the Lost Poult call. I believe the realistic sound of these calls made it possible for me to call these pressured birds into gun range. Thank you Doug for making the best sounding calls on the market.

Best Regards,

Bill Walters

Tom-from-New-YorkAnother gobbler down with the pro custom glass.this gobbler took a dirtnap at 45 yards. This eastern longbeard was 20 pounds 10 inch beard 1 inch spurs.cant say enough about your turkey calls. Thanks again Doug.

Tom from New York.


After talking with you I purchased the new reaper series glass call and I am sure glad that I did. That call sounds great and in combination with the cc smoker I called in another one this morning. It flew off of the roost and couldn’t get to us fast enough. Thanks for making such great calls.

Heath LaGrange

Scott-WhitakerDoug I really appreciate it. If you don’t mind I would like to share a picture with you. Me and my brother took my two 14 year old nephews down to Williamsport, TN for a youth hunt on March 21st and 22nd. We seen two big gobblers with 5 hens cross the road in front of us going to roost that evening so we were there at daylight. At about 6:30 they started gobbling and I threw that cane cutter in my mouth and yelp a couple light times just to let them know that we were there then I pulled it out and stuck in my shirt pocket. They flew down about 6:45 and I put the ol’ cane cutter back in my mouth and by 7:00 we had two nice birds with 10 inch beards and 1″ 1/4 spurs….twin gobblers for twin boys. I am planning on ordering a couple cane creek slates for them when their birthday rolls around. I am a Cane Creek man through and through. Thanks you for keeping your calls so reasonable because you could easily sell them for 100.00 a call and 12 or 13 dollars for your mouth calls.

God Bless,
Scott Whitaker (Owensboro, KY)

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